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Dealing with Demons is a tiny, realtime coffeebreak roguelike. You play as a mysterious three-eyed fellow making their way to the bottom of an ancient temple buried deep in the earth. Every 5 floors you will encounter demons who offer powerful boons at a heavy price. Can you make it to floor 31 and release the Demon King from his seal? 


WASD - Movement

Mouse - Aim

Left Click - Attack

Right Click - Dash

F - Fullscreen

Esc - Back/Quit

This game was made by 2 best buddies from Hawaii, an artist and a coder.  You can find us on twitter (@admung for code and @blabberf for art) for more information about other stuff we're working on. Thanks for checking out our game! :) Music was made by Komiku and Visager from freemusicarchive.org!


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I beat this game XD i beat it with : "Instantly kill enemy with all attack" but "Damage decreased by 1"(which is not make sense) lol sadly i dont record the gameplay

Deleted 3 years ago

I think your game was amazingly much fun. The RNG part with the varying upgrades gives it a slightly strategical touch instead of being just some typical dungeon crawler, and it's also aesthically pleasant thanks to the wonderful choice of colors. Congratulations for making such a sweet roguelite, I wish you much luck in the rating phase of the 7DRL Challenge 2018. <3 I hope that we are able to interest more people for your game with our article about it as well as our gameplay video. :) Fingers crossed!

Best wishes,


Thank you so much for your kind words! We're really happy that you had fun playing it, and thanks for recording some sweet footage for us!:) you're article is very sweet, it's an honor to be featured on your blog! 

<3 Thanks for your sweet reply, it made me happy to read it. :) It's always nice to know that someone appreciates our work as much as we appreciate theirs. <3 Keep it up! :)

Deleted post

We’re really glad you enjoyed our game!:) and thanks very much for the video, it was a joy watching somebody play it! You did really well, it took me (the artist) a solid 10-15 playthroughs to actually beat it.